The Ship: A History

The Ship is a small pub in the middle of Croydon and a true Croydon landmark, having been virtually unchanged for the better part of nearly a century.

Historically, the earliest brewery records for The Ship date back to 1640  but it was rebuilt in 1835.

The building, in its basics, is from that date. It was called The Shippe but has never had any association with the sea or boats.

The reason for the name is that shippe was an old colloquial way of writing Sheep. So it was called The Sheep. There was a huge sheep market down towards South Croydon – behind the Swan and Sugarloaf. Hence Drover’s Road and along that road, going up to the Rail View there was a big old pub, the Surrey Drovers.

Anyway, getting back to the Shippe. Eventually it became the Ship and the rest is history.

Today it has the look and feel of an old traditional public house, with wooden floors and walls, making a bit of a change to most modern pubs.

Home to The Nerdy Pub Quiz,  specialized dress up nights and the Coydon Geek Con.

Whatever your taste of music you might call in for a night of swing, punk, classic rock or heavy metal.

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