What is Cosplay?

Cosplay (which comes from combining the words Costume and Play) is a hobby where people dress-up to represent a particular character (or perhaps a clever combination of characters).

The first ever recorded cosplayer was a caveman called Ugg, who cosplayed as his tribe’s master hunter, Ogg. We know this from some ancient cave paintings that were found in a recent archaeological dig, and it must be a fact because we just made it up for this History of Cosplay.

The key to cosplay is to have fun; with cosplay there are no rules, anyone can cosplay as anyone else, you don’t have to look like the character you want to cosplay (even when you’re in your completed costume), you just need to have fun.

Some cosplayers take their costumes to an incredible level, to the point where even the most ardent fan would have difficulty being able to spot the difference between a cosplayer and the character they are copying, but it doesn’t matter how good your costume is, because if you are happy in your costume, then you’re doing cosplay right.

Croydon Geek Con encourages cosplay of all kinds, so don’t be shy – if there’s a hero or heroine you’ve dreamt of being, then dress up, come down and join like minded people at this years’ event!