What time will the con be open?

10:00am Saturday till 6:00pm
12:00am Sunday till 6:00pm

How much will it cost to get into the con?

Its £1 per day with a hand stamp for re-entry.

Are kids allowed and to what time?

Kids are allowed during the convention but after 6pm it over 18’s.

Will the bar be open?

Yes, the bar will be open all day!

Will food be available?

The kitchen will be open with little snacks throughout the events.

How long will the Q+A and Podcasts be?

The Q&A and podcasts will be about an hour long.

How can we get to the venue?

The venue are a short walk from church street tram stop

The closest bus stops to the venue are is the various Croydon Flyover stops (KS, KT, KQ, KP, KU and KN)

The venue is a 10 minute walk from both East and West Croydon.